MCT orthokeratology lens


Orthokeratology Lens advanced and high- end (MCT Technology Lens)

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Item No.: MCT Orthokeratology Lens 123

Original Place: USA/China

Color: Clear

Lenses Hardness: Rigid

Wearing Method: Overnight Wearing

MCT lens is different from traditional Orthokeratology lens and has more advantages. 

MCT technology lens is based on the rigid contact lenses designed by the fine holographic data of individual corneal. Implementation of the physical shaping of the cornea can make corneal shape gradually more reasonable deformation.

MCT technology orthokeratology lens is with high oxygen permeability material, using of quantitative modified form of human lens to curvature the cornea, thereby reducing the eye myopia. Usually after night wearing, you can be maintained in good visual acuity during the day.

MCT technology orthokeratology lens is the result of scientific research of Web Optometry Institution and Shanghai Furen Ophthalmology Research Institution and some other institutions. It is a new kind of full-digital orthokeratology technology.

The rigid orthokeratology lenses which are depend on MCT technology can control and treat high myopia, adults and children amblyopia, presbyopia, highly astigmatism, Keratoconus, pathological myopia and some complications.


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