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High-End MCT Technology Orthokeratology Lens Saves Your Vision: For low myopia/RGP Contact Lens for Orthokeratology/MCT Technology/MCT Tech. Lens

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MCT Technology for Low Myopia :

MCT technology orthokeratology lens can solve the safe problem of the traditional corneal model technology, avoid the risk of keratitis, slow down the development of myopia and provide a more healthy and clear vision to patients.

Suit for low myopia:

Diopter:-1.00 to -4.00

Astigmatism<-1.50 K


No limit in axial direction

Introduction of MCT Technology orthokeratology Lens:

1.Advanced accurate eye corneal re-shaping technology with digital design that is combined with related eye disease diagnosis and treatment technologies.
2.A very good effect with 99% success rate.
3.Close-to-0 complication risk rate.
4.A new standard optometry technology which can dismiss trial fit, assessment & some other inaccurate technologies.
5.Unique professional cleaning technology enhances health & effectiveness.
6.The patented technology--lens cleaning case simplifies & optimizes the usage of sufferers.
7.Keratopathy prevention & treatment technology of Shanghai Furen Ophthalmonogy ensures corneal health.
8.Innovative patented technolog--mist tear can moist eyes & make the wearing comfortable.
9.Unique after-laser-surgery MCT technology 
orthokeratology lens can solve surgical complications.

10.Unique MCT correction technology orthokeratology lens for high myopia (-1000DS), & high astigmatism (+/- 450DC).

11.Unique MCT correction technolgy orthokeratology lens for +300DS hyperopia with astigmatism.

12.Unique MCT correction technology orthokeratology lens for presbyopia.

13.Unique MCT technology orthokeratology lens for high aberration.

14.Unique MCT treatment technology orthokeratology lens for child & adult amblyopia.

15.A stronger myopia development control technology.
16.Unique myopic prevention MCT technology 
orthokeratology lens can reduce myopic degree under some conditions.

17.Unique corneal curing MCT technology orthokeratology lens can be used in the treatment and control of keratoconus, as well as adults myopic treatment.

18.The MCT technology orthokeratology lens which can prevent & treat the combination of myopia & high intraocular pressure.

19.The treatment technology of leukoma, corneal cicatrix, macular nebula  & nebula caused by a variety of causes.
20.The diagnosis and treatment technology for pathological myopia (progressive myopia).
21.The diagnosis and treatment technology for xerophthalmia caused by a variety of causes.
22.The differential diagnosis, treatment & correction technology for sub-clinical keratoconus.
23.The position of MCT technology 
orthokeratology lens: MCT technology orthokeratology lens is the interdisciplinary technology of Ophthalmology & Optometry.

MCT is for the crowed:
  The myopias who do not want to wear glasses, common contact lenses or have an operation; the sufferers who want to prevent and control the development of myopia degrees effectively; the people who want to get uncorrected visual acuity in the daytime. 

MCT technology orthokeratology lens is the result of scientific research of Web Optometry Institution and Shanghai Furen Ophthalmology Research Institution and some other institutions. It is a new kind of full-digital orthokeratology technology. The rigid orthok lenses which are depend on MCT technology lens can control and treat high myopia, adults and children amblyopia, presbyopia, highly astigmatism, Keratoconus, pathological myopia and some complications.


MCT technology lens is based on the rigid contact lenses designed by the fine holographic data of individual corneal. Implementation of the physical shaping of the cornea can make corneal shape gradually more reasonable deformation.

MCT technology lens can also solve the laser surgery complications, such as over correction, under correction, and reduce the degree of pure myopia. In nursing, MCT technology orthokeratology lens can wear in the day time or at night.

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