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What Kind of Experience is with Myopia of more than -8.00 Diopters?

  • Thursday, 20 January 2022
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"I don't know others, but I feel inferior. Because every time people ask about my myopic diopters, they will be surprised and look at me sympathetically if I am being honest. Especially individual people with low EQ will say, you mean to say that you are blind?"

"What I fear most is not that the fierce headteacher scolds me, nor that my grades decrease, but that I go to the optical shop. When I was a child, I particularly reacted against the optical shop. Every time my mother took me there, I was like treating a seismic shock. "

"Myopia of more than 8 diopters is not an experience at all, but an ordeal, a pain, and a way never to be trodden backward."

"I want to go back in time and beat myself for lack of protection on own eyes."

What Kind of Experience is with Myopia of more than -8.00 Diopters? orthokeratology lens, contact lens

On the forums and post bars about myopia, many messages leaved by myopia netizens touch human hearts. There is a sigh of "early know today why had", a lack of confidence in sad and poignant caused by vision problems, and a lot of direct inconvenience in life. The damage of high myopia to the eyes is irreversible. Once formed, it will affect for the rest of their lives.

Less than -8.00 diopters, when the myopia reaches -6.00 diopters, the blinding risk sets off the alarm. When a myopic patient is more than -6.00 diopters, the ocular axial length is progressive lengthening, and fundus showed the retinal pigment epithelium and choroid become thinner; he will probably suffer from pathological myopia. From common myopia to high myopia and then to pathological myopia, the resulting retinopathy is the conversion of quantitative change to qualitative change.

Pathological ocular hypertention is the main risk factor of glaucoma. Pathological myopia can also lead to fundus change, which is an important inducement of retinal detachment. orthokeratology lens In addition to the diseases of fundus lesion, retinal detachment and glaucoma, other diseases such as macular hemorrhage, posterior scleral staphyloma and cataract are all blinding threats that cannot be ignored caused by pathological myopia.

For ordinary young myopic patients, how to protect eyes, control the myopic diopter within the range of high myopia, and reduce the probability of high myopia? orthokeratology lens At present, it is an ideal choice for children and adolescents to control myopia through new technology of digital orthokeratology lens.

The use of orthokeratology lens made by MCT technology is a reversible non-surgical method of physical orthopedic treatment that flattens the curvature of the central cornea within a certain range through inverse geometric design when being worn at night, orthokeratology lens thereby temporarily reducing the degree of myopia and improving the uncorrected visual acuity during the day.

What Kind of Experience is with Myopia of more than -8.00 Diopters? orthokeratology lens, contact lens

To help children control myopia development as soon as possible is the primary prerequisite to maintain lifelong vision health of children. 


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