MCT orthokeratology lens
MCT Technology Orthokeratology Lens for vision problems
High-End MCT Technology Orthokeratology Lens Saves Your Vision:For presbyopia

Suit for the patients who is with presbyopia:

  Simple presybopia can use MCT technology orthokeratology lens and reach monocular visual (Monovision) state, and keep vision clear. People with both presybopia and myopia use Defraction design Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens for Orthokeratology.



MCT is for the crowed:

  The myopias who do not want to wear glasses, common contact lenses or have an operation; the sufferers who want to prevent and control the development of myopia degrees effectively; the people who want to get uncorrected visual acuity in the daytime. 

Beyond the tradition, MCT Orthokeratology Lens becomes a new generation of vision correction pioneer

For a Long time, people have being confused with all kinds of eye correct refractive error problems; there is no good method in medical area. Fifty years ago, corneal model technology was born in the United States, which gives many patients with correct refractive error an effective nonoperative treatment plan. With development of material industry and computer control precision processing technology, corneal model technology become more and more mature, the third generation technology was born in 1996 that had a good climax for its good correction effect and safety.

In the complex life environment, there is high request for the cornea technology; the traditional corneal model can not meet the demand of sufferers totally on its accuracy and complications.
In order to improve the accuracy and safety of the corneal model, Shanghai Furen combined with Web Optometry Institute cost over 10 years to research and develop the most advance corneal model technology, which beyond the traditional cornea technology. Its comprehensive advantages is used widely, and become a new generation of vision correction pioneer.
Based on collecting individual corneal like-holographic data, MCT was designed, to reshape the cornea under the physical model, and make the corneal shape gradually with a more reasonable deformation. MCT technology use high hypoxic materials, to form related radian according to lenses' shape, to reduce the eyes of myopic degree. Usually, after one night' wearing, the naked eye vision will be good next day, so that can save the tension states of eyes, reduce the pressure of inner eyes relatively and also reduce the Defocus, and at the same time, to release the power of myopia deepen and control its development.
Professor Wang of Furen ophthalmology institute compared with the 60 cases and 118 pieces of 7-19 years old sufferers in Shanghai ophthalmology disease prevention central, and the data show that the sufferer worn MCT lenses with better naked vision, topographic status and also the center position after 3 months than worn traditional ortho-k lens.
For teenage, MCT technology is good at the development control of myopia, makes sure the corneal health for teenage.
For the pathological myopia, MCT technology promoted its treatment on the diopter, and with better prevention on complications. It not only can treat the high myopia, but also solve the problem of the corneal health;
For amblyopia, MCT technology plays a goods role on solving the various causes, together with the traditional treatment of amblyopia, to improve the treating success rate of amblyopia, expand the age scope and solve the problems for the adults.
For astigmatism, MCT technology improved the visual quantity, the treating range can reach -4.50DC, greatly above the traditional range which is below -2.00DC, and it also can treat the "untreated" oblique and against rule astigmatism.
For farsightedness and astigmatism, MCT can shape the corneal under -300 DC and release the long-term headaches, dizziness discomforts, let patients be easily to read and on-line.
For the presbyopia, MCT had a non-surgical solution to solve its problems on viewing far and near, and let the old people had good vision;
For the sufferers who are not satisfied with or not would like to do the laser surgery, the complications like as over-correction, under-correction and high aberration can be also solved by MCT; these patients can have good vision after wearing MCT lens.
MCT technology not only gives patients good vision, but also offers sufferers' the further consolidation for eyes health through the service. Each authorized agent of MCT technology will offer the patients with planned check regularly; do better as possible as we can through professional cleaning and professional service. Parents or his patients can share with MCT technology's good effect through mutual platform. At the same time, MCT technology authorized will public the science knowledge to prevent and treat the eye disease, make sure that every MCT technology users have long-term eyes health.